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Multiuse degreaser spray with 7 functions. Lubricant, protective,detergent,deoxidizer, antifreezer, degreaser,water expeller.

Multiuse degreaser and lubricant, 7 functions of high quality formulated with the following characteristics:

  • Degreaser for nuts, screws bolts and mechanisms clogged by rust or encrustations.
  • Lubricant for mechanisms in movement, electronic parts, parts of cars, bikes, sewing machines, working tools and tools for house.
  • Anti-rust protective, it forms a protective film against the corrosion of atmospheric agents, and salt.
  • Deoxidizer for electric contacts.
  • It eliminates water and moisture from the treated surface.
  • Antifreezer, for cars and for parts of engine.
  • Detergent and degreaser: it eliminates grease, oil, encrustations, glue, sludges.

Suitable also for sea use, to clean, lubricate and protect boats, fishing equipment, parts of engine in contact with the water of sea.


Lithium-based lubricant grease..

Lithium-based lubricant grease. Formulated to lubricate: joints, bearings, industrial chains, mechanical movements in general. It resists to the washing of water. Protective against the corrosion of atmospheric agents and salt.

  • Litium based
  • It does not drip, yellow colour
  • For joints, connections, chains, gears