CTP Plate

  1. Capricon GT- It is a thermal digital plate for medium run jobs.

  2. AEM- It is a thermal digital plate with very wide operating latitude; optional post bake for extremely long runs, though required for optimal resistance to aggressive press chemistry such as UV inks and blanket washes.

  3. Sword Max- It is a double layered thermal digital plate with excellent chemical and press durability. It is recommended for very long run jobs with UV printable jobs.

  4. Sonora X- Process free plate eliminate processing and chemistry from plate making and they deliver quality, productivity and print capabilities required for offset printing.


  1. KPG CTP Premium Developer (Packing 20 Ltr.).

  2. Gold star Premium plate replenisher (Packing 20 Ltr.).

  3. Neutral 850 Gum (Packing 5 Ltr.).