Intended for printing with plastisol inks on t-shirts and imprinted sportswear items. Extremely fast exposure times make the QT series suited for use with low power light sources. SBQ sensitized, pink coloured films available in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400µ thicknesses. Adherable with water or QTX® emulsion. CDF/QT Thick-Film is ideal for the production of thick stencils for specialty printing needs, including high density, puff, and lenticular effects for imprinted sportswear; peel-able solder masks in the electronics industry; false mosaic and leading effects for glass and ceramic decorating; screen printed gaskets and seals; and many other manufacturing and decorating applications requiring ultra-thick ink deposits with non-aggressive solvent inks and pastes. CDF/QT Thick-Film is a precisely coated, capillary film version of Ulano’s best-selling QTX® direct emulsion. Like QTX, CDF/QT Thick-Film utilizes pure photopolymer (SBQ) technology to assure extended shelf life and minimal influences from heat and humidity, the fastest possible exposure speed, good imaging properties, and on-press durability. Generally, CDF/QT Thick-Film is adhered to fabric with QTX using the direct/indirect application technique. CDF/QT Thick-Films can be laminated to produce unlimited stencil thickness variations. The use of CDF/QT Thick-Film offers significant savings in labour and production time over the use of direct emulsion to produce stencils of similar thicknesses.
Available Sizes- 20’’x24’’inches


CDF Vision is a diazo dual-cure capillary film system. Its special formulation controls mesh penetration and enhances photo-polymerization, resulting in sharp printing shoulders and mechanical durability. Particulate-size control reduces granularity effects for optimal resolution and definition. Texturing agents impart a micro-structural pattern to the bottom of the stencil, minimizing hydrostatic attraction to the printing stock under conditions of high humidity, and electrostatic attraction under low humidity conditions. CDF Vision is compatible with UVs, vinyls, and virtually all solvent-based inks. Depending on the thickness selected, it is suited to such printing applications as: electronics circuit traces and membrane switches, halftones, CDs and DVDs, ceramic decals, posters, and containers and bottles
Available thicknesses: 20μ,30μ, and 50μ.