PAPERLAM is a decorative film with adhesive that is applicable on site as well as factory. Recreate your world with PAPERLAM. It is an ideal way to finish many environments on site with little or no down time. PAPERLAM is used extensively for interior applications such as hotels, corporate lobbies, corporate and elevators. With its light weight and minimal thickness, PAPERLAM is a popular choice for interiors PAPERLAM offer plenty of patterns including solid color, abstract drawings and natural material replications such as wood and stone. PAPERLAM's pressure sensitive adhesive ensures clean, fast installation on a variety of substrates. With its superior flexibility. PAPERLAM can be installed on highlighted detailed and 3D surfaces.

Paperlam Benefits

PAPERLAM is best characterized as an architectural design film, and is made primarily from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). It is sometimes referred to as a cladding or a vinyl laminate. Following are some the many benefits that make PAPERLAM the perfect solution to many decorative problems-

Hybrid Adhesive

Most of the PAPERLAM patterns are using the hybrid type adhesive. This adhesive system simplifies the removal of air during the application as compared to the flat type adhesive. Although ordinary pressure must still be applied to the hybrid type adhesive, the air left between PAPERLAM and the substrate is less appreciable than in the case of the flat type adhesive.

Flexible and Conformable Film

PAPERLAM can be applied to many two-dimensional decorative surfaces and tailored to a 90 to 180 degrees angle for such uses as door frame, mouldings, handrails, cabinet doors, store fixtures and panel projects. Many of the PAPERLAM patterns can also be stretched to conform to three-dimensional surfaces by Certified Installers. This allows PAPERLAM to be applied to many decorative surfaces with bull-nose edges as well as concave and convex surfaces.

Fire and Smoke Resistant

PAPERLAM meets very high standards and carries Class A (Class resistant 1) fire and smoke ratings. As such, PAPERLAM can be installed in high-risk areas such as elevators, public transportation, health care facilities, airports, restaurants, office complexes, cruise and marine, etc.

Stain Resistant

PAPERLAM offers excellent stain resistance to many substances. In most cases, stains can be easily removed using a soft cloth and household cleaner such as dishwashing liquid. In other cases, a solution of denatured alcohol will generally remove the stain.

Water and Moisture Resistant

Although PAPERLAM provides sufficient durability against water, substrates affected by deterioration such as rust may cause delimitation of PAPERLAM or other problems. Adequate water proofing primers should be used on the substrate as well as the overlap bonding technique for seaming.

6 Year Product Warranty

PAPERLAM ("PRODUCT") will be manufactured free from defects and will remain free from defects for a period of 6 years from the date of receipt of PRODUCT, unless exposed to excessive abuse, or abnormal conditions such as floods, fire, or other acts of God. Such warranted defects include: reduced gloss, developed texture, decomposition, swelling, clouding, and tackiness, crazing, and cracking of PRODUCT.

Heat Resistant

No adhesion degradation after being left in an atmosphere at 70'C (158° F) for 1 month.

Abrasion Resistant

Abrasion ends at 7000 cycles Taber Abrasion Test CS-17 wheel loaded with 1kg (2.2 pounds) weights

Stain Resistant

Stain can be removed with neutral detergent or ethyl alcohol after direct contact with the following substances for 24 hrs. Coca Cola: Facial Soap Diluted Water(1%) Wine: Body Soap Diluted Water(1%) Ketchup: House-Use Ammonia Vinegar: 10% HCL Soy Sauce: Formalin Water-Ink Marker(Black): Oxygenated Water

Anti-crack Under Low Temperature

No crack observed after being left in an atmosphere at 0 C(32' F) for 24 hrs.

Anti-mold properties

Anti-mold properties testing (by JIS Z 2911: 2010) No growth of mold is observed visibly and under microscope.

High Bonding Strength

Bonding StrengthWith PrimerNo Primer
Plywood (Lauan) 40.18
Plywood(Basswood) 45.25
Plaster Board 5.33
Silicate Calcium Board 46.08
Galvanized Steel 47.0438.22
Aluminium Plate 29.40
Stainless Steel 31.36
Acrylic Board 32.34