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DE2420V93 (Eco)

The DecalExpress is dedicated to satisfy different needs for garment décor market. The powerful SmartCONTROL software makes the operation easier and performs multiplex parameters in one cutting job. The specially designed waste drawer collects unnecessary materials when die cutting, providing a smooth workflow without job interruptions. The DecalExpress with superior and versatile capacities optimizes its performance of decal cutting. To suit with different demand, we release ECO version with budget friendly design.

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  • Automatic winding / unwinding system
  • Beam path with dust protection window to minimize maintenance
  • Down vacuum to hold materials flat for laser cutting
  • Emergency stop
  • CCD Camera to perform precise contour cutting (DecalExpress Only)
  • Waste drawer to collect unnecessary material for cut through function
  • Edge guiding module to keep materials consistent feeding
  • Top vacuum to take out debris and exhaust during laser cutting
  • Reliable steel drum material driven technology
  • Built-in LED light to illuminate working space
  • Air assist to protect lens of laser carriage
  • Automated laser cutting process for fabric cutting with low operating and material costs.